Professional Conduct Review

Professional Conduct Review (PCR), in accordance with the Licensed Practical Nurses Act (2005) and Regulations (2011), is the process that CLPNNL uses to manage allegations it receives about the practice and/or conduct of licensed practical nurses (LPNs) that may:

  1. affect the safety of the public;
  2. damage the public's trust in the profession; and/or
  3. negatively impact the integrity of the profession.

Once we receive a signed letter of allegation that outlines the issue/concern pertaining to the conduct of a LPN the PCR process begins. The nature of the concerns and the assessment of the risk to the public determine how an allegation moves through the PCR process.

How to Submit an Allegation Pertaining to a LPN

In order for the letter of allegation to be accepted, it must:

  1. be in writing;
  2. indicate the LPN’s name;
  3. indicate the issue/reason for the allegation;
  4. be signed by the complainant; and
  5. include your contact information.

In addition, please state your specific concerns and provide in writing the details of the event which led to the allegation. In general, your allegation should include the basic information of “who, what, when, where, why and how" and should include dates, the names of any persons involved, and any other information relevant to the allegation. 

If you have any supporting documentation, please provide copies. Anonymous allegations will not be accepted.

For more information about the PCR process click on the links below.

Licensed Practical Nurses Act (2005)

Licensed Practical Nurses Regulations (2011)

Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics for LPNs

Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics for LPNs

Professional Conduct Review Brochure


Professional Conduct Review Flow Chart



For additional information about the PCR Process please contact:
Wanda Wadman, RN, BAA(N), MN
Chief Executive Officer/Registrar
Telephone: 709-579-3843
Fax: 709-579-3095


Dena Lake, LPN, BA

Regulatory Officer


Telephone: 709-579-3843, Ext. 204

Fax: 709-579-8268


Allegations Resolved by CLPNNL Registrar

Effective November 27, 2019 the following notifications are provided in accordance with the CLPNNL policy “Notification in the PCR Process”

Allegations Resolved by the Registrar in accordance with Section 16(1) of the Licensed Practical Nurses Act (2005):