Graduates of nursing programs from countries other than Canada (Internationally Educated Nurses - IENS), who do not hold a valid license to practise nursing in a Canadian province or territory, and who wish to become registered to work as a LPN in Canada, are required to apply to the National Nursing Assessment Service (NNAS).  NNAS coordinates a consistent approach for IENs seeking registration/licensure to practise in Canadian jurisdictions.  NNAS offers a fair, direct and secure way for IENs to submit their documents for Canadian nursing registration.

NNAS provides the following:

  • An online application process;
  • One central location to send documents;
  • A national credential assessment process;
  • Online tracking of the status of your application.

After you receive your report from NNAS you should contact the CLPNNL office at 709-579-3843 to receive further instructions and appropriate forms for completion.

English Language Requirements

All LPNs applying for licensure in Newfoundland and Labrador must have an acceptable level of proficiency with the English language.

NNAS will use the information that the IEN provides on the application form to determine if the applicant requires a language test to demonstrate an acceptable level of proficiency.

Applicants required to demonstrate satisfactory English comprehension must obtain scores set by the CLPNNL Board on a test(s) acceptable to the Board. 

Please see CLPNNL's English Language Proficiency Fact Sheet 2021.